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Version: 1.12

Last checked: 5/23/19

Language: C#

For Windows Only
For Windows Only

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Built To Last!

Gemini has been thoroughly tested to ensure reliability. When it matters most, data is more important than an application itself, so we harnessed the power of SQLite which allows you to easily make backup copies the database to ensure 100% uptime.


Gemini Was also Benched on Sonar to ensure Good Code Practices

Dynamic Language Support

Unlike its predecessor CodeVault, which only supported 21 languages, Gemini supports an infinite amount of languages by allowing the user to dynamically create them on the fly, or you can even define languages that are proprietary or that have not been invented yet! The Sky is the Limit!

Sleek & Easy To Use

Gemini was designed from the ground up with the user in mind. Centralized planning and smooth UI transitions allow for a smooth & seamless experience not found on its predecessor (CodeVault). Gemini also comes complete with multiple Exporting solutions and ReadOnly protections. Gemini is also easy to setup and manage (literally takes seconds to setup out of the box!)

Built For Ease of Use & Sharing

Gemini is designed to run on anything from Flash Drives to NAS Home or Business Servers. It is also robust and can easily recover from issues or critical failures.

Our Parent Organization
Our Parent Organization