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Version: 1.0

Last checked: 10/27/15

Installer is To work With ANTF Spectrum OE. There Will Be No Windows Icon Upon Completion
Installer is To work With ANTF Spectrum OE. There Will Be No Windows Icon Upon Completion

More Then Just Looks!

ANTF CodeVision is a powerful editing interface built for editing and creating HTML documents, JavaScript, .vbs, batch files, importing HTML from a site to edit, test running creations and publishing them. run windows CMD commands, edit the Windows registry, as well as links to development sites, tutorials, forums and support, as well as download links.

A Helpful Hand

In addition we have added the ANTF Wizard(R), yes that's right.. it's back and better then ever. The ANTF Wizard(R) is available when editing or creating HTML, JS, and Batch File Projects. The Wizard contains tons of code snippets that people use most often, and allows for direct insertion to where you left off with your cursor. This helps to make coding faster as well as hopefully save you time from having to look it up online. The Wizard also has buttons to tutorials and more code examples.

Built for ANTF!

CodeVision, is designed to save and open ANTF formats such as ANF files (ANTF Notary Files) , which are commonly found in ANTF Virtual Operating Systems/Environments in VB.Net. Codevision can make plug-in HTML/JS files for ANTF's Monolith Browser and ANTF's Spectrum VB.Net OS/OE. Also, the Test's environments are emulated in ANTF's native format's for the web (ANTF Celedon, and ANTF Next Platforms).

Built To Compete & Share

CodeVision is comparable to many other VB.Net editors and custom script makers out there including the ever popular and powerful CodeLab by AirBrowse Technologies. Our system also can make web apps for other Dev's since HTML and JS are shared languages, and also allows for saving directories for 3rd party devs when making ANTF custom Kernel files, and more!

Our Parent Organization
Our Parent Organization