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Version: 2.0

Last checked: 8/30/17

For Windows Only
For Windows Only

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More Then Just Looks!

ANTF CodeVision is a powerful Code Storage interface built for editing and creating Code Entries in 21 languages such as Java, .Net, Ruby, Python, and many more. In addition all entries can be encrypted and decrypted for extra security.


Now featuring additional libraries for Psuedo code entries and sample applications/modules

Multiple Accounts

CodeVault Supports multiple user accounts so everyone can save and share what's important to them. Accounts can be set as admin and non-admin and the ability to enable or disable users.


Now features Network Syncing to sync files between

local device and local home NAS device

Built for ANTF!

CodeVault, is designed to save and open ANTF formats such as ANF files (ANTF Notary Files) , which are commonly found in ANTF Virtual Operating Systems/Environments in VB.Net. Codevision can make plug-in HTML/JS files for ANTF's Monolith and Neptunium Browser and ANTF's Spectrum VB.Net OS/OE. Also, the Test's environments are emulated in ANTF's native format's for the web (MyPerion, ANTF Celedon, and ANTF Next Platforms).

Built For Ease of Use & Sharing

CodeVault is designed to run on anything from Flash Drives to NAS Home or Business Servers. It is also robust and can easily recover from issues or critical failures.

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